The Many Health Benefits Of Middle Eastern Cuisine

Middle Eastern restaurants are popular with health-conscious eaters who appreciate the fact that it relies mostly upon olive oil in the cooking process. Because the menu also features an abundance of fresh vegetables, along with nuts and seeds, the dishes are highly nutritious and low in saturated fats and cholesterol.

Your local Middle Eastern restaurants offer such a wide variety of foods that meat-lovers, vegetarians, and vegans can all find something delicious to enjoy. And of course you can order Middle Eastern food online as well.

How do the ingredients contribute to better health?

Olive oil, widely used in Middle Eastern cuisine, provides you with beneficial monounsaturated fat, along with antioxidants that can reduce your risk for a number of diseases. It has anti-inflammatory properties and has been found to lower the body’s “bad” cholesterol.

You’ve probably heard that eating at least a handful of nuts each day is recommended as part of a healthy diet. If you’re watching your weight, you’ll appreciate that their high fiber content helps you to feel full longer.  Almonds, chickpeas, peanuts, sesame seeds, and walnuts can be found in most Middle Eastern meals and are an excellent source of the monosaturated fats we need for proper heart health.

How about the preparation?

Chances are that the meat on your chicken shawarma platter is lean, and the skin’s been removed. Lean meats are high in protein, with low fat content. The vegetables you’re served will be fresh and free of preservatives.

Even some of the spices commonly used in Middle Eastern restaurants offer specific health benefits. Thyme helps to restrict the creation of mucus and phlegm that can cause clogging in the respiratory tract. Sumac is a vital source of quercetin, which works to destroy free radicals in the body and acts as a barrier to the onset of cancer. And you can thank mood-improving oregano and thyme for that positive feeling you enjoy after your meal!



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