Serving Middle Eastern Cuisine: How Catering Services Work

Does the idea of cooking Middle Eastern cuisine for fifty people intimidate you? Do you wish that you could have a memorable dinner party without breaking a sweat? Our best Middle Eastern food catering service is the answer to your problem. It seems pretty straightforward, right? You hire a catering service, we cook and serve the food, everybody eats—that’s it! But allow us to take you behind the scenes of how catering works and experience the planning, preparation, and creativity that all play a big role in a terrific catering service.

Food should be an experience, not just a necessity. When you hire a full catering service for your event, food is only a part of the equation. Caterers like ourselves exhaust hours and hours of research and planning to make sure that our menu fits your palate and your guests. Our veggie platters and halal platters serve as the highlight of our restaurant but we have more to offer.

When it comes to food, it’s definitely to our advantage that our menu selection entices with our concoction of wildly colourful food items. More than that, we also seduce our clients with the smell, texture, and of course taste of our Middle Eastern cuisine. Our in-house chefs have mastered the art of Egyptian food and we’re just so excited for our customers to try our halal food firsthand.

Behind the scenes, aside from the research and planning for a menu that perfectly fits your event, catering services should also consider the venue, the occasion, and the group size. Is it an outdoor venue or at an indoor restaurant? Is it fall season or spring? Is it for a retirement party celebration or a casual dinner party with friends and colleagues? Is there a specific party theme or does the event just call for casual party vibes? All these considerations matter and any local Middle Eastern restaurant should make an effort to make an overall memorable dining experience for you and your guests.

At the end of the day, it’s all about what’s beneficial for you and your event! Check these out:

  • No need to cook or go grocery shopping – You don’t have to browse through Youtube for recipes you haven’t tried in the hopes that it’ll turn out great. You don’t even have to drop by your local grocery store to shop for ingredients. You don’t have to prep and cook because we’ll take care of it for you.
  • No more stress or smelling like onions – The last thing you want is to attend your dinner party smelling like onions and ginger. You want to appear fresh and welcoming to your guests which is why you can let us take care of the heavy work for you. We do the catering, you do the hosting.
  • Presentation is key – Middle Eastern food should be delicious but also appetizing and enticing to the eyes. Our catering service also pays attention to how our halal platters are creatively arranged. The holistic dining experience starts with looking.

These days, catering services have a name to live up to because the food industry is that much more competitive. Our carefully-curated selection of Egyptian and Middle Eastern cuisine makes our food stand out and will certainly be the highlight of your event so don’t hesitate to contact us today at Porto Falafel, for your special event!


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