Mouthwatering Middle Eastern Food: Let’s Dive into It a Spoonful at a Time

Some food ingredients are so iconic that they evoke pictures and emotions at the first mention. Hummus, falafel, pita breads, and Arabic salads—imagine these laid out in platters in front of you and you’ll immediately think of dessert moons, romantic Arabian nights, jars of spices from the Middle East, maybe even magic carpets.

Just like how French macarons or croissants make you think of Parisian streets and the Eiffel tower, allow our delicate Egyptian food and Middle Eastern cuisine to take you to the far reaches of the continent into beautiful lands filled with a rich culture and palate. Let us dive deeper and talk about all things Middle Eastern food. Are you salivating yet?

Ingredients – Traditional Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine consists of ingredients that are primarily vegetarian, though some fish and seafood are still sometimes incorporated in other dishes. Such cuisine makes use of ingredients like legumes, leafy vegetables, and varied fruits that complement various palates to make for an interesting combination of textures and colors.

Take for example our babaganous. Both delicious and healthy with its high-fibre low calorie content, our authentic dish uses quality roasted eggplants cooked to delicious perfection and made into this Eastern Mediterranean dip that goes perfectly with everything. When we say everything, we mean EVERYTHING!

Cooking methods – Healthy Mediterranean cooking techniques are renowned for their authentic flavour and taste. Basic ingredients like olive oil, citrus fruits, herbs, and marinades usually give spice and extra tang into Greek salads, lamb shawarmas, chicken kebabs, and even our party veggie trays. You can kiss bland sauces and dips goodbye because our menu also has babaganoush that will make you reach for your 2nd and 3rd helpings during dinner. Yes, it’s that good!

Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food are made through roasting an grilling techniques, fresh salad mixes, marinating and fermenting, tomato-braising, slow-cooking and dipping of sauces and delicate spreads.

Presentation – They say that the more colorful your food, the healthier and tastier it is. Our extensive menu takes you to the rich kitchens of the Middle East, to the vibrant and cozy Mediterranean gardens, to the sizzling palates of the Egyptian cuisine. You really can’t run out of things to order for your next dinner party because we’ve got a perfect assortment of kebabs, baked veggies, Arabic salads, pita breads and babaganoush, slow-cooked stews with tender sliced meat, and endless Greek salads.

All of our dishes won’t disappoint because our ingredients are sourced from high-quality vegetable growers, our cooking methods have been mastered, and our food presentation is simply unparalleled.

Talking all about food in this article is probably making your mouth water; maybe itching to try out the best Middle Eastern restaurant near you. Plan a dinner date with your partner now or reserve a table for your family. Or even plan a dinner party and have our catering service bring the food straight to your door! The food gourmet experience at Porto Falafel is simply limitless. We’re proud of our extensive menu and curated service. Our kitchens are cooking up a storm and our doors are open to give you the tastiest welcome!


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