5 Must-Try Vegetarian Middle Eastern Meals

Whether you’re planning a dinner party, an extravagant birthday party, or a laidback outdoorsy wedding reception, it always helps to have new and creative ideas in your portfolio just to keep things slightly more interesting. This is the big part of organizing an event—coming up with things to wow the guests and bring a smile to their faces. Here’s a recommendation in order to throw the best party in town: bring Middle Eastern cuisine to the table.

If you have no idea where to start, here are five vegetarian Middle Eastern cuisine dishes in our menu that’s sure to bring tears of joy to the dining table.

Israel/Arabic salad – 
Made of the best and freshest ingredients, this salad is sure to haunt your dreams and leave you wanting more. They say to always fill your plate with the most colorful foods to make sure you’re eating healthy and this salad is the answer to that. This Israeli salad features delicately chopped tomatoes, slices of red onions and amazingly juicy cucumbers drizzled with the finest olive oil and red vinegar. Topped with oregano for the finale, this Israeli salad, sometimes also called Arabic salad, can be an amazing appetizer for all kinds of events and parties.

Spinach burek – Originating from the Ottoman empire, this traditionally Turkish dish has had many variations throughout the decades but remains a classic and sought-after dish in the Middle Eastern cuisine. This special pastry recipe can be accommodated to fit your preferences, especially if you’re a vegetarian. The spinach burek is made with a traditional Pyllo dough and filled fresh chopped spinach, as well as a generous helping of a combination of three cheeses: mozzarella, feta cheese, and ricotta cheese. This is all served with our homemade Marinara sauce which wraps up everything in one neat mouthwatering package.

Musakaa – Eastern cuisine can get repetitive for some, which is why our musakaa isn’t your run of the mill musakaa, we’ve got the freshest ingredients in the house and as you already know, ingredients are everything. We use only farm-fresh eggplants and roast it to perfection for the musakaa. Next we use onions, peppers sautéed in delicate tomato sauce, and use our secret concoction of indigenous spices to enhance the flavor of our specialty musakaa. Order this dish for your next dinner party and you won’t even have a chance to leave the table before guests start asking for the number of your caterer.

Stuffed vegetarian falafel – You’ve never had falafel this good before. Because this is a common staple of Middle Eastern cuisine, you may have tried this once or twice before but trust us when we say, ours brings happiness to your day and leaves your guests unable to leave the dining table. We’ve got stuffed falafels with ground fava beans, an assortment of mixed vegetables, spicy seasoning and indigenous spices, and the best tahini sauce you’ve ever tasted. Talk to us about the kinds of stuffed falafel you want served for your event.

Koshari – Last but definitely not least is something we like to call in the Middle Eastern cuisine “food of the Gods”, the koshari literally translates into that and it’s a dish that originated in Egypt and is now quite popular for its unique flavor and texture. This features an impressive concoction of rice, elbow macaroni, chickpeas and mixed with lentils, fried onions, our own tomato sauce and daah dressing. We know you’ve probably had koshari before, but you’ve never tried OUR koshari before.

Craving Middle Eastern cuisine? Contact us!

You don’t have to stress out trying to order a bunch of last minute fast food or come up with recipes for your next dinner party or for your spouse’s birthday dinner. We’ve got these assortment of Middle Eastern cuisine dishes that are delicate, mouthwatering, and will certainly leave your guests with a smile at the end of the night. Give us a call at Porto Falafel and let’s talk food!


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