Our Menu: Middle Eastern-Style Egyptian Poutine at Porto Falafel

The Egyptian Poutine: Combining Classic Flavors with a Middle Eastern Twist

When you think of poutine, Canada usually comes to mind because it’s where this classic dish of French fries, cheese curds and gravy comes from. It is even called the country’s national dish where annual celebrations are held in its honor.

But these familiar flavors are actually made even better at Porto Falafel where our chef created the now famous Egyptian poutine inspired by the classic Canadian recipe but using Middle Eastern ingredients that surprisingly work well with French fries.

Our Egyptian poutine menu

At Porto Falafel, we always try to reinvent our food while staying close to our roots and figured, what’s one dish that will work well with our meats? Of course, it must be French fries.

Chicken poutine

With French fries as the base like any classic poutine, we start layering all the amazing flavors of our chicken shawarma, melted cheese and to top it off, Porto Falafel’s signature garlic sauce that brings everything together. Great for sharing, as a side or as a main dish, a lot of our patrons come back for this delicious poutine.

Lamb poutine

Not to be outdone by our chicken poutine, another bestseller on the menu is the lamb poutine with the same base of French fries that’s layered with our delicious lamb shawarma, melted cheese and this time, we top it off with our original tahini sauce that gives the entire dish that nutty yet savory flavor.

Vegetarian poutine

Now, if you don’t eat meat but still want to enjoy the goodness of our poutine, we created a special vegetarian version just for you, with the same base of French fries that we layer with roasted eggplant, onion, peppers, melted cheese and topped with chef’s classic Egyptian tomato. The goodness of the roasted vegetables, the starchy fries and the tomato makes for a complete dish that everyone will surely love.

What makes our food different?

At Porto Falafel, we have a strong understanding of Middle Eastern flavors, especially in Egyptian cuisine. But we also know that if we are to be the best Middle Eastern restaurant in the area, we need to elevate these classic flavors and turn them into dishes that still represent who we are but give you a culinary experience that you’ll never find in other restaurants.

Our chef has designed a menu that caters to different tastes and preferences. We only use the finest Middle Eastern ingredients, the freshest produce, the best quality meat and the spices and herbs that define Middle Eastern cuisine. Our menu is designed for sharing because we want you to experience how our people would enjoy food back home. We have meat and veggie platters, cold and hot appetizers, meat and vegetarian sandwiches, tajin dishes, poutines and savory pies that are perfect for sharing with family and friends.

If you’re looking for good Middle Eastern food, we promise that you’ll never be disappointed when you dine with us at Porto Falafel. Book your reservations as our tables easily fill up at dinner service.



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