Our Menu: Middle Eastern-Style Meat Platters at Porto Falafel

When you talk about Middle Eastern cuisine, only one thing comes to mind: an explosion of flavors. Reminiscent of the souks that sell mountains of spices and herbs, you can expect nothing but a unique combination of flavors and aromas that truly make Middle Eastern cuisine a unique culinary experience.

At Porto Falafel, we highlight the richness and boldness of these flavors by combining traditional cooking techniques with the best ingredients to give our diners an authentic taste of the Middle East. And what better way to showcase Middle Eastern cuisine than with our meat platters that you can share with family and friends over good conversations.

The Porto Falafel meat platters

Served with our famous Porto rice, pita bread and Arabic salad, Porto Falafel’s meat platters feature a variety of meats to give you options depending on what you prefer and any dietary restrictions you might have.

Beef kofta platter

One of our bestsellers, the beef kofta platter consists of spiced meatballs mixed with a variety of spices and placed on skewers to be cooked kebab-style under low charcoal fire. What makes this dish different is the fresh herbs and spices we use to infuse that authentic Middle Eastern flavor to each kofta. We also now have the chicken kofta platter.

Shish tawook platter

Bringing Lebanese flavors into the table, we have the shish tawook, which is basically grilled chicken breast that’s been marinated in our special Porto-style sauce that keeps the meat moist and tender while it soaks up all of the good flavors that we include in our special marinade.

Lamb shish kebab platter

A hallmark of Middle Eastern cuisine, our take on the classic lamb shish kebab includes marinating cubes of lamb in our chef’s special sauce that includes authentic herbs and spices, and grilling them kebab-style to make them tender and ready to enjoy with our famous Porto rice.

Chicken shawerma platter

A highly recommended dish by our chef, the chicken shawerma platter consists of tender strips of chicken breast seasoned and marinated using the best herbs and spices and cooked to perfection to be enjoyed on its own or with our pita bread. You also have the option to choose lamb shawerma or if you can’t decide, we have the mixed shawerma platter that gives you a mix of both lamb and chicken shawerma.

Shawafel platter

Unique only to Porto Falafel, you can customize your platter with your choice of shawerma and falafel. We take pride in creating one of the best falafels featuring authentic Middle Eastern flavors that you won’t find anywhere else.

Lamb chops

You can’t go wrong with a platter filled with beautiful lamb chops marinated in our signature Porto 7 spices that’s been created by our chef to highlight the rich flavors of the Middle East. The tenderness of our lamb combined with our Arabic salad to cut through the richness makes this platter a winner.

Mix grill

We know that it can be hard to decide among these equally delicious dishes which is why we created the mix grill featuring shish tawook, shish kebab, and beef and chicken kofta in our signature tahini and garlic sauce. If you’re dining with a large group, you can also add more to the platter like our shawerma or barbeque chicken.

Lamb shank platter

One of our newer offerings is the lamb shank platter where you get 1lb. of delicious lamb shank slowly braised in a delicious mixed vegetable gravy for an explosion of flavors in your mouth.

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